RBC Chapel Services are held weekly during the semester on Thursday mornings, 11–11:45am. RBC invites you to join them for these weekly times of worship.

Dr. Joseph A. Pipa

April 19, 2018

Dr. Joseph A. Pipa is president and professor of systematic and historical theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Greenville, South Carolina. He is the author of Did God Create in 6 Days?

Rev. Michael Aitcheson

April 12, 2018

Rev. Michael Aitcheson is church planting pastor of Christ United Fellowship (PCA) in Orlando, Florida. He has served in several ministry capacities since 2004 and he completed his Master of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando in 2011. He was ordained a PCA Teaching Elder in 2013.

Dr. Donald S. Whitney

April 5, 2018

Dr. Donald S. Whitney is associate dean of the School of Theology and professor of biblical spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has authored six books, including Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, and served in pastoral ministry for 24 years.

Dr. Edward T. Welch

March 22, 2018

Dr. Edward T. Welch is a counselor and faculty member at CCEF. Dr. Welch has been counseling for over thirty years and has written many books and articles on biblical counseling.

Tyler Kenney

March 15, 2018

Tyler Kenney is digital content manager at Ligonier Ministries and a graduate of Bethlehem Seminary in Minneapolis.

Dr. Sean M. Lucas

March 1, 2018

Dr. Sean M. Lucas is the elected Chancellor’s Professor of Church History at RTS-Jackson, senior minister of Independent Presbyterian Church (PCA), Memphis, Tenn., and author of several books.


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April 19, 2018 Chapel Service — Dr. Joseph A. Pipa


April 12, 2018 Chapel Service — Rev. Michael Aitcheson


April 5, 2018 Chapel Service — Dr. Donald S. Whitney


March 22, 2018 Chapel Service — Dr. Edward T. Welch


March 15, 2018 Chapel Service — Tyler Kenney


March 1, 2018 Chapel Service — Dr. Sean M. Lucas


February 15, 2018 Chapel Service — Dr. Stephen J. Nichols


February 8, 2018 Chapel Service — Dr. Josh Buice


February 1, 2018 Chapel Service — Dr. Keith Mathison