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Paul and Seneca in Dialogue

[Dr. David Briones, professor of New Testament at RBC, recently coedited a book about Paul and Seneca. We’ve asked him to give an overview of the book and tell us a little about the process of editing it. Enjoy! —RBC Team] Paul and Seneca in ...



The Reformation Leader Documentary Project

On Tuesday evening during Reading Week, in the middle of preparations for finals, members of the student body, staff, and faculty paused to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with a special “Church History Film Festival.” The ...



Student Hosted 2017 Graduate Appreciation Dinner

To outline the vision for a school on paper is one thing. To see that dream coming to fruition in the lives of young men and women is something else entirely. Over the weekend, the student council of Reformation Bible College (RBC) joined with ...


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A Curriculum Focused on God’s Word and God’s World

Dr. Stephen Nichols outlines the in-depth curriculum of Reformation Bible College—a curriculum that studies both God’s Word and God’s world. Transcript When you consider a college, you need to consider the education that you’re ...



On Creeds and Confessions and Context

One of the fundamental principles of interpretation is context. This is true not only in regards to the interpretation of Scripture but also the interpretation of any communication. Many of us have heard of the 1938 War of the Worlds panic that ...



Reformation Chorale Tour, April 22-24

We’d like to invite those in the Fort Lauderdale area to join us for the Reformation Chorale Tour, April 22-24, led by Dr. Terry Yount. Please come and enjoy the Chorale as they perform at New Presbyterian Church of Coral Springs and First ...