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Reformation Bible College, where knowing God comes first

A note from R.C. Sproul

“I would have given anything to have been able to go to a college like this after I graduated from high school.”

That’s what I thought after we finalized the curriculum for Reformation Bible College (RBC). After many years of praying and planning, we developed a program that emphasizes the triumvirate of virtues revealed in Scripture and embodied in God Himself: the good, the true, and the beautiful. These are things of eternal consequence.

We don’t know what the world will look like in ten, twenty, or thirty years. But we do know that our future leaders are the young people of today. Grounding college students in what is good, true, and beautiful is one of the most effective ways we can seize tomorrow’s ground for Christ today.

Ligonier Ministries has long endeavored to help remind the church of what is good, true, and beautiful, and Reformation Bible College is key to this ongoing mission.

Reformation Bible College is a natural extension of Ligonier’s mission to equip people to know what they believe, why they believe it, how to defend it, and how to share it. We all need a well-formed Christian worldview to bring Christ’s lordship to bear on all of life. RBC trains students in the classical Christian worldview that they will be able to serve Christ everywhere and teach others to do the same.

I firmly believe that Reformation Bible College will help the church for generations to come. Our goal is education, a term derived from the Latin prefix e- (“out”) and root ducere (“to lead”). By providing a biblical education, we are helping to lead our young people out of the darkness of this culture into the light. Our curriculum focuses on biblical and theological studies, apologetics, church history, philosophy, and the great works of art, music, and literature so as to equip students to discern good from evil, truth from falsehood, and beauty from ugliness.

Hosea 4:6 warns us that ignorance of the things of God leads inevitably to destruction, not only in our generation but in the generations that follow. With Reformation Bible College, we have an outstanding opportunity to train future leaders who will stand for truth in an age of ignorance.

Think of the reach that is possible as each student impacts friends and family members, who then impact their friends and family members, and so on. This is how reformation happens: a group of dedicated laypeople and future church leaders trained in the things of God, and their impact is felt for generations.

R.C. Sproul

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A Bible College
like no other

Reformation Bible College is committed to preparing you to know God through the Scriptures and doctrine from a Reformed viewpoint. We have a high view of the Bible and an orthodox perspective. Every aspect of your education will be informed by your understanding of the historic Reformed faith. Rather than study the Word with a critical post-modern eye, we let the Word study us and shape our understanding of the world and our place in it.

In addition to rigorous biblical study, you’ll also learn the great works of art, philosophy, and music from the Western world, with a critical eye formed by God’s eternal truths found in Scripture. As a school that values classical Christian education, we don’t teach you what to think but rather strive to teach you how to think—giving you a framework from which to examine everything you learn in college and beyond. This foundation prepares you for success in pursuing any vocation to which God has called you.

All classes are taught by some of the brightest minds in the Reformed world, and the low student-to-professor ratios ensure in-depth study and discussion with both students and professors.

We intentionally keep our incoming class sizes small, ensuring that professors, not assistants, teach each class and that you’ll also enjoy strong and personal discipleship.

Additionally, small class sizes help to develop strong ties between classmates, resulting in a unique and strongly knit community.

At RBC, you’re not a number. As part of our community, you’re known, loved, and trained to know God and live a life that glorifies and enjoys Him.


Almost 40 years ago, as it is today, the world was filled with challenges to biblical faith. Christians who sought to be equipped to answer these challenges had few options short of going to seminary. Dr. R.C. Sproul saw the need to offer an accessible, practical bridge of learning for the growing Christian, and Ligonier Ministries was born as a haven for devoted learners and passionate followers of Christ.

The founding of RBC in 2011 brings Ligonier Ministries full circle by drawing on its study-center heritage and establishing a new place for in-depth instruction and fellowship in central Florida. Why do this? Because we know that when the Bible is taught clearly, God is seen in all of His majesty and holiness, and hearts are conquered, minds renewed, and communities transformed.


Because time is too precious for education based on historical novelties, Reformation Bible College aspires to be a leader in providing education in the historic Christian faith and moral vision. Our undergraduate degree programs are specially designed to pass on the heritage of our Reformed forebears to our children and the generations that follow them.

Convinced that literacy in theology and history is necessary for a mature knowledge of Scripture and a discerning engagement with the world, we focus on four areas: the content of Scripture, the system of doctrine taught in Scripture, the history of the church, and the great works of philosophy, literature, and music.

We believe that our curriculum, with its emphasis on the coherence of biblical revelation and of the Christian worldview, will give Christ’s disciples the grounding needed to live lives and to engage in vocations that glorify God and foster continuing reformation. We are persuaded, then, that what God enables us to realize here will advance the cause of God’s kingdom as the truth of Holy Scripture reaches every corner of the globe.


RBC is committed to the historic Reformed faith as expressed in the Solas of the Reformation and in the consensus of the confessional standards: the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Canons of the Synod of Dordt, and the London Baptist Confession.

Our doctrinal commitments also include endorsements of the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and the Cambridge Declaration of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

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What others are saying

“Dr. R.C. Sproul has the unique ability to communicate profound truth in a way that illumines, inspires, and motivates to action. He is one of God’s leading spokesmen of our time.” - Bill Bright, Cru

Reformation Bible College promises to offer the best of the historic Reformed faith and a biblical worldview to prepare students for the challenges of today. Shaping a student’s intellectual world by study in classic literary and philosophical works is a further distinction of great wisdom. The guiding hand and faith commitments of R.C. Sproul are much in evidence and sure to bless.” - Dr. Bryan Chapell, Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, IL

“Reformation Bible College is a welcome addition to the world of Bible colleges in America. With its rigorous commitment to the historic Christian faith and Reformed worldview it will, from its inception, provide excellent educational opportunities for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of God’s Word and world.” - Dr. Tom Ascol, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, FL; Executive Director, Founders Ministries

“There is a critical need for solid Reformed Bible colleges in America today. I pray that God will use the new Reformation Bible College to help fill this void, and trust that it will be a premier institution offering stimulating undergraduate programs in Biblical Studies and Theological Studies for many decades to come.” - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary


“RBC is an unaccredited college and is in compliance with Section 1005.06(1)(f), Florida Statutes pursuant to religious institutions. The Commission for Independent Education has determined that RBC has met the requirements of state law and is not subject to governmental oversight.

RBC has worked to develop solid relationships with several leading seminaries in the United States. These seminaries have been impressed by the caliber of our students and the rigor of our curriculum. They have agreed to honor our students’ RBC credentials for application to their programs.”