Announcing RBC’s Career Development Program

Posted On February 14, 2024

Written by Dr. Stephen Nichols, president of Reformation Bible College and professor of apologetics

This coming fall, RBC will unveil the Career Development Program to launch students into their next steps from all of RBC’s degrees. This new program offers a vital linchpin to the vision for RBC. Our founder and first president, Dr. R.C. Sproul, expressed this vision when he said, “My dream is that Reformation Bible College will supply this nation with a generation of articulate Christians who understand the Bible and their faith deeply, and live out that faith in every nook and cranny of the world.” The Career Development Program is designed to help students make that transition from RBC to the world, from education to employment—in whatever vocation God has prepared for them.

On a weekly basis, we read and hear news reports on the unpreparedness of college students for the workforce. One recent article mentioned a top-tier university needing to hold seminars for students on the simple task of how to have a conversation. Students are not getting the communication skills, critical thinking skills, or problem-solving skills employers depend on having in their employees.

Through RBC’s rigorous curriculum, students have a solid foundation on God’s Word and theology. They are knowledgeable. They are also articulate, as our professors—who are writers and editors and speakers—help our students learn these crucial skills that are lacking today. The Career Development Program focuses on the next step for these educated and articulate students: employment.

Drawing upon the expertise found in the RBC faculty and staff, the Ligonier staff, as well as the broader constituency of the RBC and Ligonier communities, we are uniquely poised to offer students the tools they will need to transition from education to employment or to further education. We have designed a four-year track that builds skills and offers opportunities and experience for all our students.

The Career Development Program will offer students seminars on topics such as:

  • How to Write a Résumé
  • How to Succeed in a Job Interview
  • Dressing for the Workplace
  • Workplace Communications
  • Social Media and My Career
  • Basic Budgeting

Students will also be given the tools to develop the crucial skills of time management, goal setting, and productivity. We all know the power of experience and of examples in our own lives and vocations. Consequently, students will have the opportunity to interview professionals and read biographies of leaders in their desired field. One element of the program will simply be to have students work. Our four-year students will complete a professional portfolio.

We have seen God’s hand of blessing on RBC over the past thirteen years. Our students have gone on to seminary to serve as pastors, to classical Christian schools as teachers, and to the nations as missionaries. Additionally, RBC alumni have gone into business, the military, and on to further education. We are delighted for these new opportunities that await students at RBC through the Career Development Program and are prayerful for the impact these knowledgeable and articulate students will have in this next generation.