Introducing Our Student Care Team

Posted On October 26, 2023

Written by Rev. David Wooten, director of student care

At Reformation Bible College, we desire to study God’s Word, grow in faith, and serve Christ together as a community. Because we value fellowship with one another, our students are not only part of a close-knit student body where they can build meaningful, lasting friendships, but they are also mentored by professors and college staff who actually know them and walk alongside them.

We’ve intentionally assembled a team of staff members who care for RBC students through prayer, counsel, and discipleship. On any given day, students are being prayed for by someone on our Student Care team. They’ll meet for lunch with students, grab coffee at the RBC café, or walk the path around the pond, talking about life, relationships, the future, and how to follow the Lord Jesus Christ every day. In addition to myself, these are the people caring for our students here on campus:

  • Jordan Berntson, Resident Director

    Jordan serves the students living in our residence halls by maintaining a positive living environment and community. She leads the three resident assistants on her floor in the residence hall and also leads a dorm Bible study for women. She meets with students to provide counsel and encouragement.

  • Steven Seal, Resident Director

    Steven leads the three resident assistants on his floor in the residence hall. He meets with students to see how they are doing and to provide counsel on any difficulties they might be facing. He also oversees the house system for RBC, which provides another outlet for students to receive care from advisors and from one another.

  • Lynn Shaw, Student Care Advisor

    Lynn meets with female students to provide encouragement, mentoring, prayer, and discipleship. She also hosts a ladies’ tea each semester.

We also have the privilege of organizing events to further encourage fellowship and discipleship between our Student Care team and our student body, including Coffee Chats, where students can hear a talk on a topic related to the Christian life over free coffee from the RBC café. Additionally, we host events for the men and women on campus, including our annual guys’ cookout and ladies’ tea.

We are profoundly grateful for the privilege of serving RBC’s student body, and pray that the Lord will continue to bless our work as we care for students through prayer, counsel, and discipleship.