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Co-heirs with Christ

I recently came across this quote from Martin Luther during a paper at an annual Bible society conference in Boston: “If someone could believe with a certain and constant faith and could understand the magnitude of it all, that he is the son and ...


In Step with the Spirit

In his recent chapel message at Reformation Bible College, Dr. Derek Thomas spoke to us from Galatians 5:25–6:5. His thesis revolved around our calling as believers to keep in step with the Spirit. Now that we have been purchased through the ...


The Legacy of Theological Education

One of the forgotten legacies of the Reformation is its impact on theological education. In the words of the Scottish reformer John Knox, “the virtuous education and godly upbringing of the youth” is essential for the “advancement of Christ’s ...


Companions on the Journey Home

A friend recently began rereading one of her favorite authors. His books had been a special source of comfort and wisdom for her in the midst of a difficult season in her life. She said pulling this old book off the shelf was like visiting an ...


The Incomprehensibility of God

When we read about our Triune God in Holy Scripture, one of the most common ideas that we encounter is that He is beyond the complete grasp of finite minds. In Psalm 145:3, for example, we read: “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and ...


Warm, Sunny Days Call for a Spring Garden Party

  This past month Reformation Bible College held its second annual Spring Garden Party. Faculty, students, and their friends came together for an evening of games, dancing, food, and fellowship. Attendees participated in croquet, badminton, ...