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Slaves of Righteousness

In Charles Hodge’s classic commentary on the Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Romans, there is a gripping discussion on the implications of being united to Christ by faith. Particularly, he speaks of the obedience that flows out of this ...


Musings on Hermeneutics

I get to teach Biblical Hermeneutics (i.e., how to study the Bible) here at RBC. I enjoy teaching all of my classes, but Hermeneutics is certainly one of my favorites. I especially enjoy the first couple of class sessions. We spend a lot of time ...


2018 Winter Conference at Reformation Bible College

We are living in an era of upheaval in the West. The foundations of truth are being eroded. David Wells recognized twenty-five years ago inhis book No Place for Truth that too many churches have abandoned the centrality of truth and are relying ...


Wittenberg U

In the preface to The 95 Theses, Martin Luther identified himself as both “Reverend Father” and as “Lecturer” on sacred theology.  In 1517, the University of Wittenberg, where Luther lectured, was a start-up college. It was only fifteen years ...


True Assurance

If you’re like me, then you have had times in your Christian life when you have struggled with a lack of assurance. Many times, we wonder, “Am I really a Christian?” “Do I really believe this?” “Am I truly saved?” In such times, many people will ...


Christ Our Brother

The author of the epistle to the Hebrews exhorts his audience with a glorious declaration of the High Priesthood of Jesus Christ. This exhortation is written to an audience that is in perilous spiritual danger. The author’s response in light of ...